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Breakfast! It's What's for Dinner


Greenwich Place Blog, West Warwick, RI  Trying to figure out what to fix for dinner gets old, fast. Read about our breakfast for dinner ideas in today's blog post. Get ready to eat French toast, waffles, and German oven pancakes.


Coming home and trying to figure out what to fix for dinner may be the last thing you want to do after a busy day. But you’re hungry, so you have to do something, right? In this blog post, we have an answer: breakfast! It’s what’s for dinner. Making breakfast is easy to do, we usually have most of the required ingredients on hand, and breakfast makes a hearty, filling meal.


Here are some suggestions of what to make when you are featuring Breakfast for Dinner at your Greenwich Place table:


We found several breakfast recipes on the Cutestuff Cooks blog. We particularly like the Biscuits and Gravy Casserole recipe and the variations on French toast, especially the stuffed French toast recipe.


German oven pancakes look elegant, and they can be served with lemon juice and powdered sugar or dressed up and loaded with fruits and whipped cream. You can also opt for a savory version and fill them with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions.


And of course, it’s hard to beat waffles or pancakes with bacon (or sausage) and eggs for a filling breakfast-turned-dinner. Add fresh fruit or orange juice and dinner is served. Eggs are hard to beat for making an easy meal. Fried, scrambled, boiled, poached — there are so many ways to eat them. For a filling meal, make an omelet and throw in all the extras like cheese, peppers, mushrooms, and ham. Add toast, hash brown potatoes, and a yogurt parfait and no one will leave the dinner table hungry.


One other option that makes a meal is grits, a standby on many tables. Coupled with melted cheese, fried eggs, and a side of fruit, it makes a filling meal. Check out Southern Living’s video tutorial for making perfect grits.


Breakfast makes the perfect go-to dinner when life gets hectic here in West Warwick, RI. We appreciate you being a member of our apartment community. Let us know in the comments what your favorite breakfast-for-dinner recipes are!