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Fun Facts About Rhode Island

The crest of Rhode Island


Everyone knows that Rhode Island is the smallest state of the United States. That’s why we here at the Greenwich Place Apartments Blog dug deep to find some of the coolest and most obscure facts about Rhode Island that we could. As you read about your home in West Warwick, RI, we hope that these facts will enlighten and provide an even better experience when you learn all the fun things to know about Rhode Island.

Nuclear Explosions

Most people believe that there has never been a nuclear explosion in the United States, but this is actually false. In 1964, the only nuclear explosion in the US to happen outside of a controlled environment occurred in Wood River, RI. A worker at a power plant mistakenly put too much uranium solution into a tank, resulting in the worker’s death. Luckily, that was the only casualty from the accident.

Weird Ambassadors

In the year 2000, the state travel department was looking for a spokesperson for tourism to Rhode Island. After speaking with many qualified candidates, they decided that the best course of action would be to go with an outside-the-box option and named the children’s toy Mr. Potato Head as the official “family travel ambassador” for the state. Coincidentally, he was also the first toy to be advertised on TV.

Creepy Crawlies

Providence, RI is home to a very unique bug. In fact, this bug is the biggest in the world. Accurately named Nibbles Woodaway, Providence houses a giant two ton, 58 foot long termite. Luckily, this nightmare inducing insect is just a mascot for a local pest control company. Can you imagine trying to stop that thing?

Rhode Island is a unique and beautiful place. We absolutely love it here in West Warwick, and we hope you do too! Want to look up some more fun facts about your incredible state. Check out this list for more of them. Thanks for reading our blog today!