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Pool Party Games for Summer Fun

Greenwich Place Blog, West Warwick, RI  We have an amazing swimming pool!  We've rounded up some entertaining pool games for summer fun!

We’re mid-way through the summer here in West Warwick, RI and at Greenwich Place apartments, that means plenty of pool time for our residents. In today’s blog post, we have rounded up some fun pool games for your enjoyment. So gather up a bunch of friends, have a pool party, and try out some of these games. Remember to be safe and follow our pool guidelines.


Pool Games  


It’s like the basketball game, H-O-R-S-E, but in the water. The objective is to copy the actions/moves of your opponent in the water. For example, player one does an underwater handstand for five seconds, player two has to match it or get a letter. The first player to spell out F-I-S-H loses. Note: You can do each action/move only once.


Ping Pong Scramble

This is a winners-get-the-bragging rights scramble for ping pong balls. You will need 40 ping pong balls, four different colored markers. Create four sets of ping pong balls by marking each ball with a colored dot. (4 colors, 10 balls for each set). Divide players into four teams and line up on the edge of the pool. Drop all 40 ping pong balls into the pool.  On “go” players jump into the pool and collect the ping pong balls for their team. The first team to collect all ten balls wins.  


Wet T-Shirt Relay

Divide players into teams. Each team gets a large, wet, t-shirt. The object of the game is to race across the pool and back wearing the t-shirt, which is then passed on to the next team member. The winner is the team that finishes first. Please note — the t-shirt goes on over bathing suits.


Marco Polo

This is a classic pool game, named after a 13th-century Italian explorer who lived in China and kept a detailed record of his adventures. (Why the pool game is called Marco Polo is a mystery.) It is essentially Blind Man’s Bluff played in the water, with a couple of variations. The “blind” person calls out Marco, and the other players must answer Polo, to assist Marco in trying to find them. For detailed rules, check out this website.


What are your favorite pool games? Share them in the comments so we can try them out at our next pool party. Thanks for reading today’s post.