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Power Reading Made Simple

Greenwich Place Blog, West Warwick, RI  Bringing the benefits of power reading to our apartment community is the goal of today's post. Read on for more.

Now that summer is waning and autumn is creeping up on West Warwick, RI, thoughts for many members of our apartment community may be turning to school being in session, or the next big project at work, or how to fit in some volunteering. Whatever you will be doing in the upcoming months, having good reading skills is an asset. Today the Colonial Village Blog is taking a look at the benefits of power reading and how to do it.  


Benefits of Power Reading

We’ve all experienced it, reading a paragraph through, and then re-reading it because we have no idea what it said, or knowing we need to get through a mountainous report and write a summary of it by the end of the week, or we simply want to make it through the assigned reading for a school assignment. Knowing how to power through reading will help us be more efficient, retain more, and turn reading back into a pleasure instead of a chore.


Tips for Power Reading


Eliminate Distractions. Find a place to read where you won’t be interrupted by the internet, sounds, screens, pets, kids, friends, etc.  Put in a pair of earplugs to block the world or perhaps listen to some white noise while you read.


Reading Snacks. You’ve got to keep your strength up and focus sharp, right? Snacking is okay, just be sure your snacks can be eaten with a single hand, take a while to chew up, and are NOT greasy or wet.


Location Matters. Choose your reading location thoughtfully. While reading in bed is a great way to spend the evening, if you want to get through a whole book, you may want to sit in a chair or at a table instead. Just make sure your chair is comfy.


Read in Chunks. Plan on taking regular breaks as you read. Use a timer to keep yourself on track. Read for twenty or thirty minutes and then take a five to ten-minute break and do something active. When you come back to reading, you will feel reinvigorated.  Another option is to divide your reading into segments instead of timing yourself. Bookmark your reading in several places, and as you reach each bookmark, reward yourself with video game time, a messy snack, or some TV time.


What are your go-to solutions for powering through a mountain of books? Please share in the comments for everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read today’s post.